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How to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

AI has undoubtedly come to change how we do things in all areas and especially in the online world, turning content generation and service automation upside down. Knowing it and making the most of it can make the difference between companies or between the professional profiles that agencies are looking for. Learn all about AI and become an expert.

Tools to take your company to the next level

If you hear the word SaaS (Software as a Service) it may not ring a bell. But they are cloud-based tools that help you empower your work and your business. Surely you have used some of them (Mailchimp, Hubspot, Metricool, Gmail…). Learn how they can help you and, above all, discover many that are unknown and we analyze for you.


Virtual Reality

An immense source of possibilities for experience marketing.


The best sales and customer loyalty tool in the smartphone era.

360º Video

The way to show a product from all its angles.

Web Development

It is a crucial element in the online presence of all types of companies.

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What is Comunicagenia?


We are experts at telling good stories and receiving good responses.


Communication is better if it goes further. And with new technologies there are no borders,


We are constantly recycling ourselves to develop creative ideas that reach the top.

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The 7 best Artificial Intelligence movies

Are you a fan of science-fiction movies? If you answered yes, you should know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a recurring topic that generates more than a few reflections on the future of humanity, conscience and ethics. From classics to contemporary productions,...

Meet FakeYou, the artificial intelligence that mimics celebrity voices

Learn how FakeYou, the artificial voice intelligence, allows you to generate texts with celebrity voices for free. Download it now!

What is Artificial General Intelligence and when will it be available?

A few years ago it was unthinkable to use artificial intelligence models to create text or generate images. However, behind this concept, there is something that is even more fascinating: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). AGI is not simply an improved version of...

Everything you need to know about the first UN resolution on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, along with its promises of efficiency and technological advancement, also poses significant challenges, especially in terms of ethics, security, and protection of human rights. In this context, the recent adoption of the first United Nations...

Everything you need to know about the European Law on Artificial Intelligence

In this digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a very present tool in our lives. However, with the advancement of this technology comes a series of questions and ethical concerns about its use. What happens when AI doesn't have clear regulation? In this...

Falling in Love with an Artificial Intelligence: When Reality Surpasses Fiction

In the movies we have seen how people fall in love with artificial intelligences. You only have to see "Her" to know what we are talking about. This phenomenon is becoming more common, as technology advances and human interaction is constantly changing. The idea of...

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