Web Development


The web is a crucial crucial element in the online presence of any type of company. Now we hear a lot about more fashionable products such as mobile apps or social networks. However, your website should be the start of your online presence and, in most cases, the center of your entire Internet strategy.
At ComunicaGenia we know that not everyone needs the same type of web. That’s why, we offer you a tailor-made solution. We study your needs and develop a site that meets them not only in terms of presence, but also in terms of promotion.
Our websites are equipped with the latest technical advances and creative designers. In addition, the entire project is supervised by a communication expert. In this way, design and programming are at the service of what we want to communicate, and the services and products we want to market on the Internet.
We cannot forget about basic aspects such as user orientation, accessibility, usability, the use of standards, and a long etcetera, but above all our goal is that your website works.

Our latest project has trusted us to create their website from scratch. We also take care of updating the contents of your blog. The website is available in both Spanish and English.

Do you want to have your own website?

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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way to do business on the Internet.. These are advertising campaigns with highly targeted ads on search engines.
We take care of plan, manage and present the results of your campaign. of your campaign. You just have to decide how much money you want to invest. The results of SEM campaigns are very easy to measure and you will be able to know the direct sales you have made thanks to these advertising campaigns.

  • Long-term visibility 60% 60%
  • Fast results 95% 95%
  • Investment 80% 80%
  • Online reputation 60% 60%

Email Marketing

Communication via e-mail by means of advertising copy, newsletters or bulletins is an element is an element that should not be left out of your marketing strategy.
On a daily basis, he manages email addresses of customers or potential customers with whom he can communicate via email. Do not miss this opportunity.
ComunicaGenia will help you build and manage your customer database, create electronic newsletters, send them and control the results.


Fast results






All our services are available in the form of consulting. We send a consultant to your company who will help you carry out the required tasks in a professional, effective and results-controlled manner. We teach you so that, later on, you can develop your plans without needing the help of third parties.
We specialize in the implementation of new technologies in all types of companies, especially in the field of the cloud, from web, through online marketing or the latest mobile applications.

We have already helped all of them:

Do you need a multi-language website?

We specialize in web translation. We have partners with the highest certifications in translation and we only use premium software for development and maintenance.

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